It is a 10 feet by 14 feet antique persian wool rug. It has navy blue and beige as the dominant colours.

Antique Isfahan Rug

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This stunningly intricate and rare rug/carpet from Isfahan, Iran, was made between 1910-1920 which makes it approximatley a 100 years old. The wool used in the rug/carpet is not only soft, but also of premium quality and has a bit of lustre to it. Normally Isfahan rugs/carpets have a very intricate and rounded central medallion but this unique rug does not have one. It has a motif that is repeated throughout the rug/carpet in symmetry. Typical of Isfahan rugs/carpets, it has curling vines running through the field and a low cut pile to give it a sharp finish. The rug/carpet measures 10' x 14'. This hand knotted carpet/rug speaks antiquity and culture and its beautifully blended yarns can add elegance to any decor.