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Welcome to Rugweave - a house of design that exclusively sources & sells, 'Unapologetically Authentic' handmade rugs, dhurries & kilims. That are crafted with pride, passion & purpose. We’ve been creating beautiful spaces with you since 1981 and our mission is to create a world with authenticity, style & luxury by sparking a desire to dream, create and elevate. Everything we do is aligned with this mission. We work with our community of weavers, menders and washers to achieve this.

Summer Silk Series


"Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour."  - Rumi

Modern Designer Rugs


We think that anytime you pick a rug, it's a reflection of your style. So, we keep you in mind while we weave to life these long lasting rugs to be part of your special place. Happy Shopping!