Into The Weaves

To create a world with authenticity, style & luxury by sparking the desire to dream, create & elevate.

Our products are handmade and we work with about 650 weavers across the country. When we tag our products we essentially keep in mind the craftsmanship behind the art. This includes the time, the design sense, the knotting per square inch and material. We also consider this because it directly results in great quality for our customers. Our transparency combined with knowledge ensures that our clients are getting a fair price and our weavers are getting their due. We have developed our own eco-system to ensure that brings about the perfect balance.

There is a lot of effort recently to revive dying arts and handmade goods. One, because it is environmentally friendly and discourages consumers to use and throw as they last long. Two, because this is a core part of our culture and reviving it is our way of paying tribute towards our weavers who have strived and survived against all odds.