About Us

A sustainable luxury brand, with a focus on enhancing commercial and residential spaces with unapologetically authentic rugs, dhurries and kilims. Handcrafted with Pride, Passion & Purpose. 

Our Pride:

A galleria of rugs, carpets, kilims and durries – RugWeave enhances spaces in your homes, offices and shops with its unapologetically authentic rugs. With a 33-year legacy behind us, we showcase a motley and archaic collection of rugs from around the world. Many of which are from Persia, Turkey, Central Asia, Kashmir, Gwalior and Jaipur. One of our oldest rugs dates back to 200 years, making it more valuable as time goes by. We also house modern rugs that are hand-knotted. We custom make rugs as well. 

Our Passion:

We're there for you because we simply love anything to do with rugs. We have a diverse variety of products and services to choose from. And, we're known to go that extra mile for our clients. We provide video calls for product viewing or for appraisals and are there to help you with any other queries as well. You can reach out to us for an appointment through the Help tab. 

Not only do we sell rugs but we also repair and clean existing rugs. We ensure that we use the most natural methods to restore them as well. So, please make sure you check out our services tab to know more. And, sign up for our newsletter to share our passion. 

Our Purpose:

We source hand-knotted rugs to keep alive the craftsmanship of handmade rugs. Our understanding is that the art of rug weaving is on the decline and we source our product from small vendors and businesses to help them thrive and keep the art alive. Our Purpose tab gives you a glimpse inside our weavers.