Kashmiri Kashan Silk Rug

Kashmiri Kashan Silk Rug

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Discover the allure of a Kashmiri silk carpet, a canvas of artistry where a hand-woven center shines with a solid hue, making it a unique masterpiece for any decor. The central medallion, bathed in a gentle shade of pale mustard, radiates richness and intricacy, casting an enchanting glow upon any home it graces.

This carpet pays homage to the legacy of Kerman, Iran, echoing the elegance of its carpets. Its simplicity is its strength, a bold presence that captivates with its unconventional colors. This duality makes it a versatile choice, equally fitting for both traditional and modern settings.

Crafted as a silk on cotton masterpiece, the pile of the carpet is silk, while the warp is steadfast cotton. This union of materials speaks of luxury and durability, embodying the spirit of innovation and tradition.

Elevate your living space with this embodiment of understated elegance, where the spirit of Kerman dances in hues of pale mustard, transcending time and style.