An 8 feet by 10.5 feet modern rug.

Erased - Neon Rug

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Our Neon series rugs/carpets is inspired by Sterns' - "Let there be Neon" manifesto. In it he writes about neon becoming a lost art form: "Paradoxically, at a time when some architects, lighting designers, graphic designers, and sculptors are becoming increasingly aware of neon's possibilities. There are a few, if any young people learning the craft of glass bending." For us it's about reviving any kind of lost art forms that inspire our designs. The design is erased to show the fading away of Neon as an art form. The colours mainly include pink, black, green and orange.

The rug/carpet is readily available to ship. The rug/carpet is hand knotted and is made of wool with silk highlights.